Attention Latina, Latino, and Latinx students! Here are some wonderful opportunities to help you on your journey toward a college degree!

Here is your chance to begin, continue, and complete your college education. Whether you are a recent high school graduate, or attending a community college, or a university, or attending a vocational/tech school, or graduate program, or have put your education on hold, you need to look at the many opportunities available to you to continue pursuing your dreams. Take a careful look at the many scholarships listed on the link MAEGA has included on our website. Be sure to check back here regularly for updated listings. Each scholarship has its own requirements and deadlines. Do not procrastinate! Check out the many resources out there for you; in so doing, make that dream a reality. You have come this far. Do not let financial need stop you. Financial aid opportunity is there for you, just waiting to be tapped into and claimed. You got this!

The following document: Top Scholarships for Students (Latinos/Hispanics) includes a list of available scholarships.

What is MAEGA?

The Mexican American Educational Guidance Association is a local, nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping Mexican Americans and other Latinos attain education beyond high school. We do this by awarding scholarships to qualifying seniors in the San Dieguito Union High School District.

MAEGA Scholarships must be used in 2020-2021 for four-year colleges or universities, two-year and community colleges, or accredited technical/vocational schools. If our funds allow, recipients may apply to renew their MAEGA Scholarships for their sophomore year in college.

Who is eligible for a 2020 MAEGA scholarship?

  1. Students are of Mexican or other Latino heritage.
  2. Students might not be able to attend college because of financial need.
  3. Students have a 2.0 or higher grade point average.
  4. Students will graduate from high school in June 2020, and attend college in 2020-21.


  • Fill out the 2-page application form completely and in your own handwriting; blue or black ink.
  • Return the completed application packet to the scholarship counselor at your high school on or before March 5th for new applications and March 27th for renewal applications. We will not accept applications after that date.
  • Your application packet must include the following:
    1. Application form: 2 pages, filled out by you, in your own handwriting. Leave no blanks. If you need more space to continue an answer, please attach an 8.5x11 sheet of lined paper with your handwritten responses.
    2. Short essay: 1-2 typed pages, with your full name on both pages, explaining how you meet the four eligibility requirements listed above. Be sure to be specific about the way in which you qualify in terms of Mexican/Latino heritage. You may also discuss your career goals, what you plan to study, why you want to further your education, your family background, and personal interests.
    3. Two letters of recommendation, at least one from a school counselor or teacher. (Parents and other relatives may not write letters.) It is your responsibility to make sure the two letters are in your application packet by the due date.
    4. High school transcript including a list of courses you are taking your senior year. This must be the 1 or 2-page transcript you get from your counselor or registrar, not an Aeries printout. It does not have to be an “official” transcript with registrar’s signature.
    5. Proof of family income: Copies of your parents’/guardians’ 2019 W-2s (wage and tax statements) and/or your parents’ /guardians’ 2-page income tax return. For security reasons, be sure to draw a thick black line through social security numbers.
  • Please note: Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted. Your packet must include all five things listed above!
The following link can be used to download the: 2020 Scholarship Application.


For further information, please email Linda Grensted at [email protected].

Past Scholarships

Our 52 scholarship recipients from the high school Class of 2019 are now freshmen who attend...
California State University - 31
University of California - 4
4-year private/ out-of-state university - 4
2-year/ Community College - 13
Other - 0
In 2018, we renewed 18 scholarships for former recipients who attend...
California State University - 6
University of California - 5
4-year private university - 2
2-year/ Community college - 5
Other - 0

Thanks to MAEGA and our generous donors, 70 students are pursuing their college dreams this year. Our recipients were awarded a total of $66,400 for the 2018-2019 school year.

Congratulations to our scholarship winners, and THANK YOU to our donors and supporters.

MAEGA Events

*The MAEGA Board of Directors will be meeting on Monday, October 21, 2019 from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm. The meeting will be held at the Boys and Girls Club in Solana Beach.

Holiday Get Together

The Holiday Get Together will be held at Tony's Jacal, Solana Beach on December 9, 2019 @ 6:00 p.m. Please RSVP by December 6, 2019.